Take control of a glorious flamingo as you run duck and jump for your life. See if you can survive long enough to unlock the secrets ahead of you in this classic jump and duck runner.

Platforms: Android, IOS
Release Date: TBD


  • Enjoy ever-changing scenery with a day and night cycle. you will also be greeted with a new art style each dawn to keep things fresh.
  • Switch up the gameplay by unlocking the power of flight and……lasers 
  • Challenge yourself with 2 modes, standard and pro mode, each with a unique challenge.
  • Standard Mode comes with classic duck and jump runner gameplay. Avoid the obstacles to earn points.
  • Take control of when you score in Pro Mode, Earn points buy ducking, 1 duck = 1 point. Fastest finger wins!
  • Fight to beat your high score.
  • Amusing physics-based deaths.

Pro Mode!

Enjoy this spin on the classic duck and jump runner gameplay where each duck counts! how will you play? Maybe you are confident with the increasing speed and want to play it safe by trying  to earn points over time. Maybe high risk and reward is more your style as you squeeze out one more point before narrowly dodging a game over!!

Standard Mode!

Enjoy classic duck and jump runner gameplay but be careful at night time!

If I Had A Booklet

Do you remember those little booklets in game cases that divulged extra information about the game’s characters and story? I used to love those things. This section is about what I would put into this games booklet.

Flamingo facts!!

The flamingo is a pretty cool bird, who knew ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Here are my top 5 flamingo facts.

  • Flamingos can live for a pretty long time. some have been recorded to be 70 years old. That’s just shy of the average life expectancy of a human which is around 80 years. This means that flamingos have the potential to be life long friends!
  • Have you seen a flamingo chick? not only are they cute, they are not usually pink at all!
Flamingo and chick (source: Zoologická zahrada a botanický park Ostrava)
  • When you see a flamingo on 1 leg that means it’s straight up chillin. The opposite is true for humans, they just wobble and become anxious about falling over.
  • A flamingos beak acts as a water filter, but flamingos are not interested in the newly filtered water. They are interested in feeding on the bits left behind. That makes the flamingo an essential item if you ever get stranded. 
  • Despite popular belief and no matter how much you want it to be true, flamingo eggs are not pink, neither is their poop, please stop asking.
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