読むセット(よむセット)This is a reading set. We take a piece of Japanese media (in this case a manga, links provided) and create a bundle that includes a detailed word list, audio files and an Anki deck to help assist your Japanese learning.

The point of this set is to provide an engaging and fun way to study the language.

  • Use the word list to read along and improve your reading ability and grammar.
  • Listen to the audio files and read aloud along with Tateno-san to improve your speaking and listening ability.
  • Use the Anki deck to help retain some vocabulary.
Here is an example of the word list used with One Punch Man

Word list example

Anki deck example



Just jump in!

Reading manga is a great way to see a wide range of interesting grammar points and lots of colourful vocabulary. Everything you see won’t be completely useful but the useful stuff will come up more often than not. Through the power of repetition, after reading “私はblah blah blah” a thousand times, you will recognize it and know what it means in an instant.
If you don’t fully understand something, look into the helpful links we provide with the word list and move on, you will pick it up later as your understanding improves and things start to click!

Just don’t freely run around saying everything you read, you might end up sounding like a shonen villain!!

Japanese level!

Unfortunately, this is not a beginners guide, you must already know how to read katakana and hiragana and very basic Japanese grammar,

If you can even somewhat read and understand the Japanese below, your golden!
私はかわいいです(わたしはかわいいです) (●´ω`●)

We explain most things and include links to extra information about the more grammatically interesting things but if you don’t understand something don’t worry!



We are clearing up some of the minor details at the moment but we plan to launch in December! If you are interested please check out the demo on Patreon and support us

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