With only himself as company, join Neil as he begins a solitary Journey to complete a controversial mission. Neil must use his special GearJump suit to weather the elements and traverse many astral bodies within our own solar system, the Milky Way. Uncover the secrets of Neil’s origins and mission as he comes to terms with what he must do.
It’s just you, yourself and the harsh planets.

Platforms: Windows
Release Date: TBD


  • Visit many beautiful worlds in the Milky Way, each with its own unique art style to capture the feeling of visiting different landscapes.
  •  Battle the elements and weather systems planets are known to have, you may learn something new. It’s you vs the planet!
  • Leap through terrain and master traversal by switching between 3 different types of jumps. Each jump comes with a unique application.
  • Race the clock and collect minerals to score high ranks. Good scores make good things happen.
  • Choose a path of dialogue and engage in a story about governments, mechanical suits and coming to terms with yourself and your actions.
  • Use power-ups to explore, progress and find secret areas.  

If I Had A Booklet

Do you remember those little booklets in game cases that divulged extra information about the game’s characters and story? I used to love those things. This section is about what I would put into this game’s booklet.


Please Meet Neil. Neil is from another planet in another solar system in another galaxy, he lives around “RA 0h 42m 44s | Dec +41° 16′ 9”, cool right!

Neil has a family, a wife, a couple kids, a pet and a job to support all these things.

Unfortunately, Neil received a package which isn’t usually good news because gift giving isn’t really a custom where he’s from. Alas the package is from the One Government. Neil took the package into his….house?…Dwelling??….anyway luckily the package had wheels because it was heavy and half his size, just one of the many ways the One Government looks after its denizens.

Neil continues to open the package which in true One Government form was very easy to open. Inside was a GearJump Suit and a note.

Unfortunately, Neil was a winner which isn’t usually good news because giving away prizes isn’t really a custom where he’s from.

How interesting, a GearJump Suit! An excellent and exquisite piece of wearable machinery. This suit is almost solely responsible for the great developments that happened on Neils home planet. The GearJump Suit has a few functions, primarily, the suit was made to reinforce and give power to the legs. This allowed the wearer to easily scale terrain that otherwise would be too much effort to traverse, making it easy to leap and bound over objects and gaps. The best thing is, as long as you land on your feet you can jump or fall from any height and you will be completely fine. Over the epochs, features and improvements have been added to the suit to make it even more useful, for instance, a core was added to allow for teleportation, as long as you knew the coordinates you could teleport short distances. With the addition of a filter less gas mask that never needs changing by connecting to the heart, the suit was becoming perfect for industrial tasks such as mining.

There are 2 ways you can get the suit, you are either rich or you work for the government. Strangely Neil didn’t fulfill any of those criteria. What’s stranger is that the One Government was supposed to be stopping their reliance on the suit! This was because the latest improvements made, caused the suit to be unstable which was less than perfect since the suit started to have a steadily growing body count.

Well anyway Neil reads the note that was included in the package, it’s just a bunch of coordinates. Neil rolls his eyes and pockets the note.

Unfortunately, Neil……kisses??…..his wife and kids and leaves which isn’t usually good news because showing affection isn’t really a custom where he’s from.

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