We make small, 2D, bespoke, branded Games for your company or business.

Connect with your customers and elevate brand perception through the power of video games. Set yourself apart from your competitors and simultaneously build lasting goodwill by giving your customers a fun and memorable way to interact with your brand.

We are a duo!


I have a passion for making video games. I’m a programmer by trade and have had the opportunity to work on large scale systems in talented teams. I have been making games for 9 years and even have a degree in it.


During the last 6 years as a studied illustrator I’ve worked on various projects and gained skills in analogue and digital art. Art and design are more than a hobby for me, it’s my life!

We also work with sound engineers to bring a complete, bespoke package that is sure to put smiles on anyone who plays it!

So, Why Games!?

Your target is kids!

A lot of kids play a lot of games, and with the rise of streaming and YouTube kids are playing games from an earlier age and the amount of games played is only increasing.

Here are a couple of quotes from Mat Piscatella, games industry analyst at The NPD Group:

  • “Kids are becoming a more influential part of the gaming marketplace thanks to games such as Fortnite and Minecraft, assisted by the growing influence of YouTube and Twitch,” 
  • “More than one-third of kids are spending more time playing video games than they were a year ago, while well over 20 percent are also spending more.”
 If you want to sell a product or protect kids from cyber misconduct, If your target audience is kids in any way, games stand to be one of the best and reliable way to reach them.

For advocacy

Games are a great way to have people engage with your beliefs and causes. People consume information in different ways, big walls of text or long videos aren’t for everyone. Games broaden the scope of people you can reach simply by being an accessible and interactive medium. Games can convey as much information as any other medium and be just as impactful (if not, more impactful). 

Games are a great addition to your media whether you want to save the bees or plant more trees!

For education

It’s no secret that learning is more effective when you are having fun. When bored, demotivated and unengaged it’s difficult to stay awake let alone learn! Using games to learn isn’t a new concept, it’s interactive nature makes it the most effective way to inject fun into any subject.

Whether you teach biology or mixology, games are a proven, powerful and engaging tool to use to facilitate effective learning!

For Brand perception / Brand voice / Goodwill

Maybe, like Google, you just want to have hidden games for customers to discover and enjoy. Maybe you just want to tap into the 2.2 billion of us who play games and reach a wider audience. Maybe your brand is associated with pop culture and your customers would just love a game section in the same way people loved Homestar Runner.

There are thousands of studies about the importance of brand perception, brand voice and the building of goodwill but the concept is simple, If you make someone happy, their smiles are infectious and more people will return to your brand.

Games are a great way to put smiles on faces!


404 Snake

Try 404 Snake, a great way to put a smile on someone’s face if they find themselves off the beaten track.

Platform: Desktop Web.
Controls: Click to start, arrow keys to move.

Please view on desktop to play the example!!

So! Need a game?

Even if it’s just to say hello, feel free to contact us!
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