Video Peeks: GDC-50 Game Camera Mistakes

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I watch and rewatch a lot of videos to learn and get tips for whatever I am working on. Sometimes it is hard to judge whether a video is relevant to my interests or not. This will solve that problem for me and hopefully it will help someone else too.

What This Video Is

This video presentation is about camera mistakes other developers make and the problems this developer has overcome while working on the camera for the game Journey.
Presented as a slide per problem.

Its Content

He starts by explaining 3 types of cameras

  • fixed-angle third-person cameras (all 2d games, some 3d games)
  • dynamic third-person cameras (most 3d games where the camera is positioned behind the character)
  • first person cameras (all games where you play from the character perspective)

This presentation mainly focusses on dynamic third-person cameras, despite this, there are a few points made that are useful for all cameras.

A lot of his slides come with good examples to make his points clearer.
Though taking the time to read the slides helped with this problem I feel like he goes a bit too fast in some places, it feels like he could explain a couple points a little more, however, I have no experience in dynamic cameras or cinematography so that and the fact he has the constraint of time doesn’t help.

Is It For You?

If you are making a third-person camera for a 3d game or are just interested in cameras, this presentation is perfect.
Some good points are made about other camera types, just not enough to put this video at the top of your watch list.

Video Peeks: GDC-50 Game Camera Mistakes

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